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Bike, nature, urban, and multi-use are common trail types, either as destinations or connecting our communities. Comprehensive sign programs address navigation, branding, and especially safety.  Kaser Design has broad experience to effectively communicate through trail sign programs.

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Aside from good maps, which are essential, other trail sign programs typically consist of four types:

Wayfinding sign
Trail marker

The trailhead sign is most often located near the trail access point. The access point might be within a neighborhood or near parking.  Critical display elements include: Trail name, “you are here”, map, description of what to expect, and a listing of amenities.

Wayfinding signs are essential to help the audience establish where they are and how to get where they want to their desired destination. Fundamentals for effective wayfinding signs include clear and easy to understand information, excellent legibility, traffic flow considerations, and a proper progression from the general to the specific.

Interpretative signs help build support, pride, knowledge, and education by telling the stories about the environment. These stories enhance the experience, exposing the audience to the rich nature, history, heritage, and even ways to provide support for the cause. Effective interpretative signs allow the audience to truly appreciate and cherish the project, thus establishing connections with the environment.

Trail markers are essential to provide important location and safety information. Most trails have multiple points of entry and branches, making a locating system critical, including potential distance measurements. Considerations for effective trail markers include multiple sides visible from each relevant direction and the potential use of reflective film.

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A good map is attractive, beautiful, easy-to understand, and filled with useful information. Attention to the details of style, color scheme, background, line weights, fonts, symbols, icons, and scale are used to draw attention and inform. Kaser Design has deep experience creating effective and informative maps for trails, parks, themed attractions, indoor, outdoor, urban and historical applications. Careful collaboration and design produces maps to meet any style, including technical, illustrative, photogenic, and even whimsical.